The right web design and landing page structure can make or break your business.  There are multiple parameters that influence conversion rate , here are some:

  • Site credibility.
  • Calls to action.
  • Social proof.
  •  Unique benefits.
  • Ease of making contact , making a purchase or filling a form.
  • Site loading time.
  • Copywriting and messaging.
  • Visual Hierarchy.
  • Including content that builds trust such as testimonials, white papers, videos and case studies.

In addition to the above mentioned it's imperative to ensure that you are addressing and catering to all the visitor personas and their  different concerns and needs.

When we take on a CRO project we look at all the above mentioned attributes and run a complete site and landing pages audit with short term and long term action items that will result in an immediate positive impact on your marketing bottom line.